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We are 100% committed to the recovery of our clients through personal programs.

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Develop proactive programs to prevent, reduce and heal workplace injuries

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TAHPI Tactical Athlete Health & Performance Institute Services

Tactical Athlete Performand and Health Instititute

The Tactical Athlete Health & Performance Institute is based on the premise that firefighters should be treated like professional athletes as their health and fitness is critical to meeting the demands of the job.

The company specializes in providing integrated single-source service solutions that minimize health care costs while streamlining the case management of injury and provide rehabilitation. The result produces a sustainable and efficient evidence-based health, fitness, performance, and injury prevention program for a fire department.

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Synergistic collaboration of our resources to create a self-sustaining program to develop firefighter performance

Core Values

Innovation, Dedication, Excellence, Integrity


Create an institute specifically designed to improve the health and performance of the firefighter to maximize the longevity of the firefighter career and retirement. Our integrated model will give firefighters access to an evidence based approach that provides the best possible care that is both quantifiable and cost effective.

  • What are the prices for our services? +

    Prices are based on a multi level staged implementation of the program. Please contact us for more information or a proposal.
  • Are your services available in our community? +

    We are currently Beta testing our product in several cities across the United States and are looking for additional partners. Please contact us to discuss an implementation in your city.
  • How can we get you to develop a program for us? +

    The Wellness Fitness Initiative (WFI) is a Joint Labor-Management Initiative and thus interested Fire Departments must have or be willing to have Union Involvement. We pride ourselves on being the bridge that sometimes exists between these two parties so please contact us for more information.
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