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I want to take a minute to thank you guys for putting together the Wellness/Fitness Program and tell you of a success story we have had already.


One of our firefighters, who happens to be one of the people we will be sending to the PFT Class, was hurt in a snowmobiling accident off duty earlier this year. He had surgery to repair a broken collarbone by a doctor he was referred to. Earlier this week, he reported pain in the area of the surgery to the doctor and it was discovered that the “fix” hadn’t worked properly and he was told he would need surgery again (seven weeks post­op). Understandably, the firefighter was frustrated with what had happened. The firefighter had heard about the rehab program the Department was about to introduce that provided patient navigation services through Luis and he inquired about it when he returned to Light Duty after his appointment. BC Brennan, our program coordinator, was contacted and connected the firefighter with Luis. Within an hour the firefighter was talking to Luis and within twenty­four hours had seen Dr. Yost and had scheduled surgery to repair the original “fix” forty­eight hours later.


The firefighter sought me out this week after his appointment with Dr. Yost to tell me how happy he was that we had begun working with this program and how impressed he was with Luis and Dr. Yost. Sounds like Dr. Yost has a plan already to get the firefighter back to work.


As you guys know, the sun doesn’t always shine on the lives of the Fire Chief when interacting with our line staff, but this was a great “thank you” that was brought to my office.


Thanks for all the work you did to allow us to participate in the entire Wellness/Fitness Program.



Robert C. Whitaker
Fire Chief
North Shore Fire/Rescue

This is Greg L.


I want to thank you for setting me up with Dr Afsari. He was very accommodating with appointment times and took a lot of time explaining things. He has great bedside manners, very professional. Also thank you for setting me up with Drew G. He is very professional too, he has a way of making rehab enjoyable.


Everything is going well thanks again.

Greg L.
Milwaukee Fire Department

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  • TAHPI got me back to work much faster then expected... thanks for the quick response to my incident.

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