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Tom Luljak talks with Kyle Ebersole, Jason Mims and Luis Rivera.

Tactical Athlete Health and Performance Institute (TAHPI) is a healthcare startup with proven successes in providing expedited case management services, improved client care, and injury reduction for the City of Milwaukee Fire Department. TAHPI’s flagship Milwaukee program is a joint initiative between the city’s fire department, UWM’s College of Health Sciences, and Athletico Physical Therapy. The program treats occupation athletes, such as firefighters, like athletes in any professional sport by integrating wellness and injury prevention into fitness and training programs, improving injury care, and reducing wasted time in case management. TAHPI has recently procured contracts with fire departments in Detroit and Seattle, and efforts will continue to expand the program in cities across the nation.

In an interview with WUWM 89.7’s host, Tom Luljak, guests Kyle Ebersole, Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Director of the Human Performance & Sport Physiology Laboratory at UWM; Jason Mims, Milwaukee Fire Department Health and Safety Officer, and Luis Rivera, Managing Partner of Athletico Physical Therapy, discuss the origins, development, successes, and potential of the program.

MFD's Peer Fitness Program saves lives and money!

Jason Mims explains how the Peer Fitness Program at the Milwaukee Fire Department increases performance, while reducing injuries and costs.