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Ideadvance Grant Program

Kyle Ebersole was one of five entrepreneurs from University of Wisconsin schools to receive $25,000 as part of the Ideadvance Stage 1 grant program funded by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and the UW­Extension Center for Technology Commercialization. The Ideadvance Seed Fund will support each venture in commercialization of the ideas and technologies.

Kyle and his collaborators (Jason Mims, Milwaukee Fire Department and Luis Rivera, Physical Therapist with Peachtree Orthopedics) submitted a grant proposal to form the Tactical Athlete Health and Performance Institute (TAHPI) which specializes in providing integrated single­source service solutions that minimize health care costs while streamlining the case management of injury and provide rehabilitation. The result produces a sustainable and efficient evidence­based health, fitness, performance, and injury prevention program for fire and police departments. The grant proposal was based on a 3 year pilot project with the City of Milwaukee Fire Department that resulted in 59% reduction in sprains and strains injuries and was associated with over $1.3 million in savings from reduced backfill pay dollars.

The TAHPI team has partnered with Bill Cramer, CEO Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, who will serve as their external business mentor during Stage 1. Based on the “Lean Start­Up” model, the grant will encourages faculty, staff and students across all disciplines to apply their expertise and scholarship to the economic development of Wisconsin by exploring the commercialization potential of their ideas. Congratulations to Kyle and the TAHPI team for successfully linking knowledge, scholarship, and practice to the promotion of a positive change in the state’s economy.

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